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pH 4.00 Buffer Solutions


PH 4.00 Colour-coded Buffer Solutions in combination with PH 7.00 or PH 6.88 are used to calibrate (ie standardise) PH Meters. Analysts often prefer PH 4.00 Colourless Buffer solutions since...

pH Buffer Solutions - pH 6.88


Colourless Buffer solutions are often preferred by analysts since they are believed not to affect the PH Electrode.

pH Electrode Cleaning Solution


This general-purpose cleaning solution is used to maximise the life of the electrode & to maintain the pH electrode under optimum operating conditions. The Cleaning Solution contains an Anti-Protein agent...

pH Electrode Storage Solution


The storing of PH Electrodes in Storage Solution is essential in order that the electrode is kept moist in a buffered KCI storage solution and does not become dry and...