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Quality Control

Quality Control

Company Policy Statement – Suspect Products

If a customer notifies ANPROS that a product purchased from our company was found to be defective (e.g., the analysis reagent did not perform satisfactorily) or did not meet the client's required specifications (e.g., the degree of accuracy was not sufficient for the application), the following steps are implemented to fully satisfy the customer's needs.

Steps to Resolve Suspect Product Issues:

Immediate Attention:

  • Address the customer's complaint or concern with the product as a matter of urgency.

Replacement and Cost Management:

  • Determine if a replacement laboratory reagent is needed immediately.
  • The cost of the replacement product and freight will be covered by ANPROS, depending on the findings from the investigation of the returned suspect sample.
  • Since the reagent might be critical for a production process, causing potential downtime, prioritize sending a replacement reagent to the client as soon as possible.

Return and Analysis:

  • Request the customer to return the suspect product to ANPROS for analysis immediately.
  • The cost of freight will be charged to ANPROS or credited to the customer’s account, contingent on the investigation results.

Storage and Packaging Requirements:

  • Ensure the customer maintains the suspect product under suitable storage conditions prior to dispatch via post or courier to preserve the product’s condition for effective analysis.
  • The product should be packaged adequately to prevent deterioration during return transit.

Product Information:

  • Each manufactured product comes with a Product Label containing essential information such as Product Code, Batch No., and Best By Date. This information, along with the suspect product, is crucial for a detailed analysis.

Detailed Analysis:

  • Conduct a thorough analysis of the suspect product three times with each reagent to obtain three concordant results. This ensures a statistical significance of over 99.0%.
  • Relay the results of these tests to the client within 5 working days.

Communication of Results:

  • Document the results and provide them to the client via email or fax, based on the customer’s preference.


  • After conveying the investigation results electronically, an ANPROS representative will phone the client to ensure they are fully satisfied with our response and to address any further assistance they might need.